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Erica Mcintosh
February 18, 2024 | Erica Mcintosh

Summer Events ~ Tickets Available Now

You're invited to join us on July 18th! 
Let's celebrate this expressive Italian grape and its place in the Okanagan landscape! Dine on Italian antipasti and spuntini while sipping through various styles and vintages of Dolcetto on the patio overlooking the hollow. Live music from 4-7pm. GET TIX HERE

Let's party like we're in Spain on Aug 15th!

Inspired by the annual wine festival of the same name in Cambados, Spain, we're celebrating this vibrant white wine with Spanish tapas, live music, sangria, and of course, a grand tasting of our new 2023 Albariño!
Live music 4-7pm. GET TIX HERE


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