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Supported Charity - SORCO

Each year, the Stag's Hollow Wine Shop supports a charity through donations for tastings. In past years we have supported the BCSPCA and in 2019 we made the decision to partner with the SORCO Raptor Rehab Centre. SORCO is located just 7km south of the winery and is dedicated to rehabilitating injured birds of prey from all over south central BC and returning them to the wild. As these birds of prey are such a key part of a healthy ecosystem in vineyards and surrounding areas, this relationship is a perfect fit.  Since 2019, Stag's Hollow Winery has donated $9,000 to help support SORCO. We also had the privilege of releasing two young Great Horned Owls into our Hollow in the summer of 2019, and will be doing so again in 2021.

SORCO Raptor Rehab Centre was registered as a not-for-profit society in 1988. It is licensed through the BC Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resources Operations, and relies entirely on public donations, grants, foundations and support from companies. In addition to rehabilitating injured and orphaned birds of prey, SORCO is dedicated to educating the public on the important role raptors play in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. The facility is located in Oliver, BC and receives over 150 injured and orphaned birds a year. It is the only facility serving the entire Okanagan Valley. It is considered one of the best Wildlife Rehab Centres of its kind in the country.

In order to keep the environment for the wild animals in care as stress-free as possible, the facility is not open to the public, except for one day each year at their annual fundraising Open House on the first Sunday of May. All of the birds at the facility are in treatment for eventual release back into the wild – none are kept permanently in a display setting. Serving in this specialized field of animal welfare, volunteers and staff are highly trained and bring various animal care and biological educational backgrounds. The SORCO Education Team also plays an important role in public outreach, educating the public about wild animals and urban wildlife issues. With expanding development and increasing human-wildlife interaction, many wild birds of prey are injured, orphaned, or displaced. For more information, please visit www.sorco.org.