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Stag's Hollow Winery
March 24, 2022 | News | Stag's Hollow Winery

Stag's Hollow Achieves Sustainability Certification Through SWBC

We are excited to announce that after a year of a lot of hard work from the team, Stag’s Hollow Winery and our two vineyards in Okanagan Falls have achieved sustainability certification from Sustainable Winegrowing British Columbia (SWBC)! Sustainability has been something that has always been important from the beginning, but it’s nice to now be part of a program to ensure that our efforts are quantifiable.

The SWBC certification recognizes the industry responsibility to minimize its impact on the environment and maximize its contribution to sustainability. This means taking a holistic and systematic management approach to all aspects of the operation, such as: enhancing soil health and carbon capture, promoting biodiversity, protecting waterways from contamination and degradation while using water wisely, minimizing inputs and outputs to create a regenerative, resilient system, and working to enhance employee health and safety and community wellbeing, all to grow a thriving business.

Sustainable winegrowing is the right action for the planet, its people, the environment, the industry, our community, and future generations.


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