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Erica Mcintosh
December 13, 2022 | Erica Mcintosh

12 Wines of Christmas WINE #1

Our countdown to Christmas has officially begun! Over the next twelve days we will reveal a new wine each day paired with our winery family's favourite holiday activities, as part of our 12 Wines of Christmas Advent. We invite everyone to join in on the fun with us! Almost every bottle has a surprise attached to it, so be sure to watch for this and pull out each wine carefully.

The first reveal is our 2021 Pinot Gris: an alluring combination of white peach, ripe apple, honey, jasmine and a hint of citrus. This rich, textural wine gets us in the mood for some Christmas baking, so let's get the holidays rolling! We’ve created a playlist on Spotify just for this... "Stag's Hollow Holiday Playlist" …and to make this day even sweeter, we've added our go-to Christmas sugar cookie recipe to bake along with and a pouch of colourful edible sprinkles to top your cookies. Enjoy🎶🍪

Please note, the packaging used to create these advent boxes was all sustainably sourced, including the biodegradable foam-like packing peanuts.


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